2 October 2013 208 1200px

Still flat on my back.  Still waiting.  Still holding onto these words.

Enjoy your week-ending!

And if you still have a bite of time wandering around the web, you might like:

  • wonder through eyes of children as they explore art and creativity with the amazingly talented Melissa at weave+wonder
  • a beautifully simple and functional cabin in a faraway place which is home to a family of five – start here and if you like what you see explore Carmella’s inspiring blog a bit further…
  • art that makes me wish my creative bent was bending this way…check out Geninne’s gorgeous journal pages.  Oh my!
  • when I followed this link I discovered the whimsy and talent of street artists around the world…their creativity made me smile!

2 thoughts on “still

  1. Sorry to hear you are still on your back. Wish I could drop in for a cuppa. Been thinking about you so much. Can’t wait till you are closer. Praying you get better soon. Miss you. xx

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